CUbiC Undergrad Shubham Mehta Wins First at Sunhacks 2018

Shubham Mehta, an Undergraduate researcher who works in Cubic, won the first prize for the student assistive chrome extension in the Sunhacks 2018 Hackathon with his team. The Sunhacks hackathon was a competition between various programmers to put out the best solution or product in 48 hours. Shubham and his team used JavaScript to develop a solution where a student can type in a homework problem and the program returns a solved solution by searching the internet. The program works by using the site “” which modifies the blurred answer provided by for-profit sites such as Chegg. It does so by getting the token number of the question and then the solution image then, the image appears on the screen. Shubham and his team wanted to allow students to have access to high-quality homework help without paying anything extra aside from the already required classroom materials. The team won the first place out of all other projects at the hackathon.