Dr. Ramin Tadayon

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Dr. Ramin Tadayon


Assistant Researcher, School of Computing, Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering, Center for Cognitive Ubiquitous Computing (CUbiC)


Computing, Informatics & Decision Systems Engineering

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Research Profile

My research is focused on utilizing the interactivity and virtual social environments of Socially Relevant Simulation Games in order to facilitate motivation, rehabilitation, and social interaction. This involves the creation of a framework at both the interaction layer and the engine layer, utilizing sensory input and haptic feedback as well as social gaming networks and persistent virtual environments to achieve the intended effect. I aim to apply this framework in broad social contexts as a platform for patient recovery, training, and re-inclusion in the social world.


A Survey of Multimodal Systems and Techniques for Motor Learning
Tadayon R, McDaniel T, Panchanathan S,
Enriching the Fan Experience in a Smart Stadium Using Internet of Things Technologies
Panchanathan S, Chakraborty S, McDaniel T, Tadayon R, Fakhri B, O'Connor N, Marsden M, Little S, McGuinness K, Monaghan D,
SmartGym: An Anticipatory System to Detect Body Compliance During Rehabilitative Exercise
Tadayon A, Tadayon R, McDaniel T, Panchanathan S,
Autonomous Training Assistant: A System and Framework for Guided At-Home Motor Learning
Tadayon R, McDaniel T, Panchanathan S,
A Multimodal Gamified Platform for Real-Time User Feedback in Sports Performance
Monaghan D, Honohan F, Ahmadi A, McDaniel T, Tadayon R, Karpur A, Moran K, O'Connor NE, Panchanathan S,


Studying arm motion data from user studies using Wiimote. Performing pattern analysis on MATLAB to detect non-compliance of exercise routines. Developing pressure and force based physiological sensor to detect conditions of fatigue while performing exercise routines