A haptic belt for vibrotactile communication

A haptic belt for vibrotactile communication

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


T.McDaniel; S. Krishna; D.Villanueva; Panchanathan, S.


IEEE International Symposium on Haptic Audio Visual Environments and Games (HAVE), 2010 (2010)


Our sense of touch is largely underutilized—compared to vision or hearing—as a communication channel in today’s computer interfaces. This is true even when our skin, given its size, spatial acuity and temporal acuity, has shown immense potential as a communication modality, particularly, vibrotactile communication. One popular form factor in vibrotactile communication that researchers have been exploring is the waistworn belt. In this demonstration, participants will experience vibrotactile cues for dancing through our novel vibrotactile belt implementation. Moreover, participants will learn about vibrotactile belt design guidelines, and how they cross over to vibrotactile wearables in general.