Meredith Moore

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Meredith Moore


PhD Student Researcher


Computer Science

Joined CUbiC



Research Profile

Meredith is interested in the intersection of machine learning, assistive technologies, and accessibility, specifically in regards to Augmentative Alternative Communication. She is developing new machine learning paradigms for improving the intelligibility of dysarthric speech with the hopes of enabling individuals with communication disorders to be understood by unfamiliar communication partners.


A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Improving the Intelligibility of Dysarthric Speech
Moore M, Venkateswara H, Panchanathan S,
TranslatAble: Giving Individuals with Complex Communication Needs a Voice through Speech and Gesture Recognition
Moore M, Panchanathan S,


Speech is a complicated process with many potential breakpoints. Speech that is less intelligible due to a neurological disorder is referred to as dysarthric speech. Individuals with dysarthric speech generally find it difficult to communicate with unfamiliar…