Shantanu Bala

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Shantanu Bala


Undergrad Student Researcher


Computer Science

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Affective haptics for enhancing access to social interactions for individuals who are blind
McDaniel T, Bala S, Rosenthal J, Tadayon R, Tadayon A, Panchanathan S,
Visual-to-tactile mapping of facial movements for enriched social interactions
S. Bala, T. McDaniel, S. Panchanathan,
Vibrotactile Cueing using Wearable Computers for Overcoming Learned Non-Use in Chronic Stroke
Luster EL, T. McDaniel, B. Fakhri, J. Davis, M. Goldberg, S. Bala, S. Panchanathan,
Vibrotactile feedback of motor performance errors for enhancing motor learning
T. McDaniel, M. Goldberg, S. Bala, B. Fakhri, S. Panchanathan,


People with auditory disabilities are at a disadvantage due to their inability to access the details of their surroundings conveyed through sound. Though a cochlear implant can empower a person to interact socially, it lacks an adequate resolution to provide the rich…

Effective communication requires a shared context. In face-to-face interactions, parts of this shared context are the number and location of people, their facial expression, head pose, eye contact, and movements of each person engaged in a conversation. Faces serve an…

Every day, our body performs complex motor movements, even during the simplest of physical tasks, often without conscious thought. The movements involved in new motors skills are typically learned through audiovisual instruction, sometimes with direct physical contact…

The Tabletop Interaction Assistant, part of the larger Social Interaction Assistant research project, consists of a webcam on a pan-tilt mechanism used to track human faces, regardless of whether the person is directly facing the camera. Additionally, the video collected…

The VibroGlove is a novel interface for enhancing human-human interpersonal interactions. Specifically, the device is targeted as an assistive aid to deliver the facial expressions of an interaction partner to people who are blind or visually impaired. (This device is…