Vibrotactile stimulations for motor skill training

Vibrotactile stimulations for motor skill training

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Conference Paper


T.McDaniel; D.Villanueva; S. Krishna; Panchanathan, S.


IEEE International Symposium on Haptic Audio Visual Environments and Games (HAVE), 2010 (2010)


Although audiovisual instruction—with or without physical contact—is commonplace for teaching motor skills, it is limited in distracting environments such as large classroom-like settings or when there is a large physical separation between the teacher and student. Researchers have therefore started to explore vibrotactile stimulation for replacing or augmenting audiovisual instruction of motor skills. However, applicationspecific approaches have limited the versatility of previous systems. To overcome this, we propose vibrotactile patterns that target the fundamental movements of the human body. In this demonstration, participants will experience vibrotactile stimulations—delivered through a suit—that cue fundamental body movements for motor skill training.