Shayok Chakraborty

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Shayok Chakraborty


Ph.D. Student Researcher


Computer Science

Joined CUbiC


Research Profile

Research interests: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Biometrics, Assistive Technology


Model Selection with Nonlinear Embedding for Unsupervised Domain Adaptations
Venkateswara H, Chakraborty S, McDaniel T, Panchanathan S,


The rapid escalation of technology and the widespread emergence of modern technological equipments have resulted in the generation of large quantities of digital data. This has expanded the possibilities of solving real world problems using computational learning…

Automated verification of human identity is indispensable in security and surveillance systems and also in applications involving assistive technology. Uni-modal systems relying on a single modality for authentication suffer from several limitations. Multi-modal systems…

FacePix is a face image database created at the Center for Cognitive Ubiquitous Computing (CUbiC) at Arizona State University, and made available free of charge to the worldwide research community. In the first version of the FacePix database, called FacePix(30), there…