CUbiC High School Student Researcher Shreya Venkatesh Earns Commendation from President Obama

United States President Obama recently recognized one of our CUbiC high school research students, Shreya Venkatesh from BASIS Scottsdale, for her outstanding achievement in environmental stewardship. Shreya was ecstatic to receive the letter with recognition from the U.S. President for her tireless pursuit of raising environmental awareness in cultivating clean energy since the summer of 2013.

Her research was on Jatropha, a plant native to North America that could produce clean fuel by generating biofuel from its plant seeds. She also performed an economic analysis and fuel efficiency in comparing Jatropha biodiesel with algal biofuel production. Shreya persistently contacted local communities and the EPA, creating awareness about the importance of cultivating Jatropha plantations within the US.

Shreya wants the results of this three-year research study done over the summers in India and Florida to create global awareness of alternative sources of energy.

As a TUNZA member, Shreya's work was published on the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) website under "Youth Taking Action" for clean energy, when she presented her project in the International Environment Science Olympiad. More information can be found about Shreya's project on the UNEP website at: